Study of the Egyptian Gods and Godesses

Learn more Egyptian theology studies

Zarifa is an ordained high priestess of the Temple of Isis and shares her understanding of the Egyptian theology from a metaphysical and spiritual view that is relevant to each of us, even in today's technologically advanced society. In these workshops she will explore the Egyptian theology in new ways, including personal worksheets and essential anointing oils.

Zarifa has spent many years studying the gods and godesses of ancient Egypt and their worship ceremonies. She will discuss the major gods and goddess, explain some of the common misconceptions of Egyptian theology - for example, Anubis is a protector and a guide through the Underworld, not the evil monster portrayed in The Mummy - and how to give regular offerings to the Egyptian gods. You will discover many similarities between these ceremonies and various religions around the world.

Each attendee will receive worksheets and an anointed oil in this workshop.

Egyptian theology study workshops are $25 per person with a minimum of 5 attendees, and can be performed in your home or at a place of your choosing anywhere in the San Diego area. If you host a workshop at your home with at least 5 participants Zarifa will waive the workshop fee for the host.

If you're interested in private or group belly dance classes or learning how moon cycles can affect your life, please contact Zarifa to arrange a workshop.

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