Zarifa's Events - February 3, 2007 - Williams, Oregon

Zarifa Dances!


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Fifth Annual Williams Dance Celebration

The Williams Dance Celebration is an annual event organized by Margaret Jakobcin of Williams, Oregon, held on the full moon in February every year at the Williams Grange. We were honored to attend this local event and would like to thank everyone for their support of Margaret's Events - her efforts to support the arts are a never-ending task and she regularly organizes events at the Grange.

The evening's events were a collection of five acts and five dance artists, well above and beyond what one would expect from a local talent show. Margaret performed three of the acts, opening with a graceful dance with a mask and wings, one of her fun umbrella dances, and a saucy Spanish salsa. Also performing was Joy Soll with a graceful freestyle dance and Kathi Kali with a traditional belly dance routine.

Zarifa Dances! Although this routine was originally choreographed by Zarifa for two of her fellow dancers, one of them couldn't make the show and Zarifa stepped out of dancing retirement to duet with Christine.

After the show, the dancers bowed and danced among the audience, convincing some of them to get up and join in the celebration. The evening closed with a delicious pot luck dessert and the Grange was opened for dancing throughout the rest of the evening.

Special thanks to Margaret Jakobcin and all the visitors to this annual event, Margaret's hard work continues to be an awesome contribution to local artisans.


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