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Zarifa's Community Belly Dance

Community Belly Dance, Second Sunday

June 9, 2007 - We expected low attendance this month due to a contest that was scheduled on the same day, but once again there was a full house at the G Street Bar and Grill! A special thanks goes out to Circus Tribal and all the other dancers, including those that travelled from as far away as Eureka, CA.

Zarifa's Community Belly Dance is a FREE dance event Zarifa has organized for the second Sunday of each month at the G Street Bar and Grill in Grants Pass, Oregon, from 5 - 7 PM. It's simple: show up and dance, no door charges, everyone gets to dance! Beginners and experienced dancers are all welcome.

Zarifa organized this dance event to provide a place for everyone to get together to practice routines, get over stage fright, network with other dancers, or just have fun! All credit for the monthly event goes to our gracious host, the G Street Bar and Grill in Grants Pass, Oregon. Everyone is invited to come in costume (or not,) bring your own music or drummers, and invite friends and family to watch.

Bring Students and Beginners

Spread the word! Zarifa's Community Belly Dance is for everyone. In the spirit of Community Dance, if at all possible bring a beginner or student to future dances. This is the perfect opportunity for the curious to become more interested in the Dance, or for beginners to break out on the dance floor for the first time. Bring a friend!


Second Sunday of alternating months, 5-7 PM



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