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August 07 Community Dance

September 2007 Community Belly Dance

Community Belly Dance, Second Sunday

September 16, 2007 - The video for July has been encoded, just not uploaded to the website yet. As you can see we've been very busy with some changes.

We expected a low turnout in September due to a competition that same weekend, but as usual the G Street Bar and Grill in Grants Pass has a full house and some new dancers. The atmosphere was a little different, and as always exciting. The video is a bit short this month as our videographer is now queuing up the songs for the dancers and has his hands full.

Zarifa's Community Dance is a FREE dance event Zarifa has organized for the second Sunday of each month at the G Street Bar and Grill in Grants Pass, Oregon, from 5 - 7 PM. It's simple: show up and dance, no door charges, everyone gets to dance! Beginners and experienced dancers are all welcome.

Zarifa organized this dance event to provide a place for everyone to get together to practice routines, get over stage fright, network with other dancers, or just have fun! All credit for the monthly event goes to our gracious host, the G Street Bar and Grill in Grants Pass, Oregon. Everyone is invited to come in costume (or not,) bring your own music or drummers, and invite friends and family to watch.


Second Sunday of alternating months, 5-7 PM



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