Zarifa's Events - April 12, 2007 - Grants Pass, Oregon

Second Anniversary Celebration Pictures

Thursday April 12 - 4-9 PM


The Second Anniversary Celebration of Zarifa's Touch of Egypt was a big success, featuring a special guest appearance by belly dance legend Delilah, Mount Shasta artists Pangia, fire dancer Savannah Fyre, and was complimented by local belly dancers and hundreds of visitors from as far away as Portland.

We couldn't have asked for more cooperation from the weather, the day was clear and sunny, but a little cool. This didn't stop Pangia from laying down awesome Middle Eastern rhythms, nor did it stop the dancers that joined in on the fun.

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Kate B. friend and talented dancer Zarifa does a veil dance Zarifa does a veil dance Zarifa does a veil dance
Delilah - Veil in a perfect circle Delilah does a veil dance Delilah does a veil dance


Inside the store, visitors at the celebration drew door prizes every half hour, taking home baskets valued from $20 - $40, ranging from belly dance hips scarves and accessories to metaphysical items, statues, reiki candles, incense, and other cool gifts. Delilah set up tables offering her videos and DVD series, as well as a selection of her original Power Belly Weight Belts.

Just having Delilah visit was an honor and a privilege, but everyone was thrilled when she took a break and endured the chilly April weather and danced. Pangia played a few of her favorite tunes while she danced, starting off with one of her mesmerizing veil dances, followed by two more traditional dances. The crowd that assembled was enthralled by her grace and charisma. Every move demonstrated her years of experience, wisdom, and undying dedication for the art. (Catch a short preview in the video above.) Delilah is one of the most thoughtful and inspiring people we have ever met and it was GREAT to have her visit. Delilah, if you're reading, THANK YOU and we hope to see you again soon!

Delilah is a legendary visionary belly dancer and teacher, famous for inspiring vision, thought, and pioneering efforts including award-winning performances in American classic belly dance, Goddess dance, and many other styles. Learn more about Delilah at her website, Belly Dancing with Delilah.

Savannah Fyre Savannah Fyre

As the day grew dim fire dancer Savannah Fyre lit up the night with an awesome fire dance display to top off the evening in a black costume of her own design - which at one point caught fire! It went out immediately, Savannah knows her stuff - but there was no shortage of volunteers to assist quenching the fire. :-) Pictures fail to describe the speed and accuracy of Savannah's high energy dance - you have to see Savannah's awesome fire dancing in the video above.

Savannah Fyre Savannah Fyre Savannah Fyre

Pat Olsen, Denise, and Gordon of PANGIA Mount Shasta Musicians PANGIA

Of course, none of the day's festivities would have been complete without the Middle Eastern music played and sung by Mount Shasta musicians Pangia. The cold weather was hard on their fingers, so a very special THANK YOU goes out to Pat, Denise, and Gordon for playing as long as they could. Zarifa and the dancers all enjoyed your music, thank you for coming! Learn more about PANGIA at their web site,

To all Zarifa's customers and patrons . . .

Thank You!

It wouldn't have been possible without you!


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